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Friday, January 14, 2011

Incik Kamus Yang Sengal Ubi (PART 2)

Post ni adalah hasil translation Encik Kamus Gugel Chrome terhadap entry "Hari Ini dan Semalam". Jangan konpius pulak. Harap maklum & enjoy! Hahaha..

Today and Yesterday

Assalamualaikum ....

Cewah. I already see the kind of song titles! Hahaha.

LETS je want menceceh article Arini. Hurm. The oppressive day for me because still can not breathe properly. Isyhhh! CPR please .... Sape want to volunteer? Hehehe.Dreams is you!

Today I am well satisfied and successful (section can not be blah!) Go college in the state did not want a healthy number. Consequently, shortness of breath made. Tu hot morning classes. Dah lah tuh class with Miss Top. More la plus nebes made for asthma do not want to be present kat call ahead. Hihihi.

Sedapnya this penguin to econ ...
(Picture taken from here )

Class at 3 pm pulak. Yeah, i like you Prof Dr Ir Sporting! But I do not want to be happy is even Ir tu very sporting. Kot is one day he suddenly rose hangin, spleen heart seared my maw ya. He was already a warning, do not let him get angry. So, beware of the dog (like the word Zizan Raja Lawak).

Kat Ir Sporting tuh class, once again Akon aircond do it. Very, very hot! I was first steady JE long time but I already began to feel shortness of breath. Fuhh! Sabo ...Sabo ... 2 hours pulak tuh class. Btw, please tenkiu Dyah fan because I'm cute. I lebiu given the strong! Mmmuaaahhhh!

Now, still not breathing properly. Huhuhu ... Help me! Help me! (Make screams style house on fire with kegedikan. Euuwww!)

Btw, I have great news for myself. Work for you do not know lah kan. I want amek license otw! Yeah! Not a bike or truck license okeh. Car license. Class starting this Sunday he. But it had to be fed 5jam ears hear all tuh. Huhuhu. God willing, be je ...Takpelah right. This thing was already 5 years I was to wait for the new. I was desperate Tu je. Rich man want to wait until when? Hopefully this license does not trouble me in terms of financial mama coz I do not want to use the money my mom.She has spent a lot of money for me. God willing, one day I will reply to their kindness that has been courteous to me. I really appreciate all of you! Thanks a million =)

(Picture taken from here )

Oh! Lupa pulak. PTPTN! If ye want to approve my application? What I'm waiting at sem nih. I want money again quickly not to enjoy but do not want to make life difficult for my parents who Mulia. Please help make work a little faster tuh! He would not want the form to me at how long tu amek also wants many times. If you call, busy line busy je tuh. It can be impatient but how long at this. If not received any, the answer is at least. Tu-Reti Reti were not to? Haiyaaa .....

Okeh. The title is already at the top of the convertible so TODAY AND YESTERDAY AND LAST SEMESTER yesterday and. Hahaha.

Good. Salam ...

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